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Full text of "Genealogical record of the family of Parsons and Leonard of West Springfield, Massachusetts"

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No. 47 Cedar Street. 







To Samuel Holden Parsons, Esq., of Middletown, 
Conn., are we mainly indebted for the compilation of 
the antiquities and pedigree of the Parsons Family in 
the following pages, and first published in the New- 
England Historical and Genealogical Register, in 1847. 
Mr. Parsons has spent much time and money in col- 
lecting these and other names ; indeed, the names in 
his possession, as yet unpublished, far exceed the num- 
ber contained in this book. The family cannot suffi- 
ciently thank him for his labors in this direction. We 
hope, when his health shall have been re-established, 
he will give us the benefit of his entire collection. 

The principal object of the writer in compiling this 
particular book, is to secure the record of the Spring- 
field, or West Springfield, branch of the family, in- 
cluding, also, the family of his mother, Leonard. Of 
this family no effort has been made to go beyond the 
immediate connections, except to trace the family down 

from the first of the name in the Valley of the Connec- 
ticut. The difficulties in procuring such a record are 
so many and so great, that we are quite sure no one, 
after having made the least effort in this direction, will 
complain of inaccuracies. 


Of West Springfield, Mass. 

Now of Brooklyn, N. Y, 
August, 1867. 


As it respects the origin of the name of Parsons, 
some have supposed that it was derived from the word 
parson, a clerical title, given from the fact that a clergy- 
man is the principal person in the church. Hence in 
law he is termed ecclesiw persona, and has full posses- 
sion of all the rights of a parochial church. The s is 
added for euphony's sake, or from the fact that the in- 
dividual was the parson's son. 

Others have derived it from the word parish, as 
parish-son, meaning the son of some parish, one sup- 
ported or educated by the parish. 

And others again have supposed that the name is 
the same with Person, Peerson, Pierson, and Pearson, 
modified in the spelling. 

Peirson or Peerson is derived, according to Camden, 
from son of Peter or Peterson, the former coming origin- 
ally from the French word, Pierre. 

It does not appear that there has ever been any at- 
tempt to collect even the materials for a history of the 
English family of Parsons, so far as has come to our 
knowledge, notwithstanding there have been many in- 

dividuals among them of great distinction ; as knights, 
baronets, and noblemen. Those of the name are, and 
have been for a long period, found in several counties ; 
as, Devonshire, Buckinghamshire, Nottinghamshire, 
Oxfordshire, &c. 

Prior to 1672, Andrew Parsons, gent., was of Somer- 
setshire, and Philip Parsons, gent., of Worcestershire. 
But the earliest record we have noticed is in 

1290. Walter was then a resident of Mulso in Ire- 
land. How long before this he or his ancestors went 
there we know not. The name is still extant there, 
and something above one hundred years ago, Bishop 
Gibson remarked, (in his edition of Camden's Britan- 
nia,) " The honorable family of Parsons have been ad- 
vanced to the dignity of Viscounts, and more lately, 
Earls ofKoss." 

1481. Sm John was Mayor of Hereford. 

1546. Robert, afterwards the noted Jesuit, was born 
this year, and died April 18, 1610, a. 64. 

1556. Francis was vicar of Rothwell, in Notting- 
hamshire. There is a wood called Parsons' wood, in 
the hundred of Nassaburgh, in the same county. 

1618. Bartholomew appears as the author of three 
sermons — " First Fruits of the Gentiles," 4to. In 1 6 1 6, 
"Assize Sermon," 4to. 1631, "Dorcas, or a Perfect 
Patterne of a True Disciple," Sermon, 4to. Oxford. 

1634. About this year Thomas Parsons was knighted 
by Charles I. The following engraving represents his 
arms, still retained in the family in the United States, 
and by his descendants in London, among whom were 
Sir John and Sir Humphrey ; the former, Lord Mayor 
of that city in 1704, the latter, in 1-731 and 1740. The 
same coat of arms is also retained by the branch of the 
Parsons family now long resident in Barbadoes. 

The coat of arms granted to Sir Thomas is thus de- 
scribed : " He beareth gules, two chevrons, ermine. 
Between three eagles displayed or. Crest. — An eagle's 
leg erased at the thigh or, standing on a leopard's head 

Langley in Buckinghamshire was long a seat of a 
family of the name, but they seem to have abandoned 
it about the end of the 17th century for a residence in 
Nottinghamshire. The first of this family whose de- 
scendants we can trace appears to have been 

Ralph, of Northampton, who had a son 

John, who lived at Boveney, Co. Bucks, who had by 
his wife, dau. of Cutler, Esq., 

John of Boveney and Langley, who m. Elisabeth, 
the sole heiress of Sir John Kidderminster, and had, 

1. Charles, b. 1625, d. without issue. 

2. William, and three daughters. 

This William, the only surviving son, m. Elisabeth, 
dau. and heiress of Sir Lawrence Parsons, by whom he 
had two sons ; one a Colonel, cl. without issue, and 
John, his successor. William Parsons (the father) 
was made a baronet by Charles II. for his adherence 
to the cause of his father, Charles I. 

Sir Thomas Parsons, of Great Milton, in Oxford- 
shire, (before mentioned,) m. in 1614, Catharine, a dau. 
of Edward Radcliff of London, son of Alderman Pad- 
cliff, by whom he had Robert, Thomas, Richard, An- 
thony, and six daughters. He was the son of Thomas 
of the same place, by his first wife, Judith Garbrand of 

the city of Oxford, who also had a daughter Amy, m. 
to Richard Al worth of Turford, Buckinghamshire. His 
second wife was Sarah, clau. of Edmund Waller of 
Costell, by whom he had three sons, John, Edmund, 
Francis, and two daughters, Elisabeth, m. Anthony 
RadclhT of Chalford, Co. Bucks, and Ann, wife of Rich- 
ard Baldwin of Beaconfield, in the same county. 

The grandfather of Sir Thomas was Thomas of Great 
Milton, who m. Catharine, dau. of Hester Sydenham, 
by whom he had Thomas, Hugh, and Richard. 

Richard m. Miss Pierpont, and had a son 

John of London, who m. 1. a dau. of Joshua Whistler, 
by whom he had a daughter, Catharine ; he m. 2. Mary 
Gualter of London. Some of this family were among 
the early emigrants to America. 

The first of the name we find in New-England is Jo- 
seph, Springfield, 1636, where he appears as a witness 
to the deed from the Indians of the lands of that place 
and vicinity to William Pynchon and others, on the 
fifteenth of July. There appear, however, soon after, 
at the same place, Hugh and Benjamin. And family 
tradition relates that Joseph and Benjamin were broth- 
ers, that they were born in Great Torrington, near 
Exeter, Devonshire, England, who, with other children, 
accompanied their father to New-England, about the 
year 1630. It is probable that they came over with 
Mr. Pynchon. 

Joseph Parsons, 1 as has been mentioned, was at 
Springfield in 1636, where he probably re- 
mained until 1655, in which year he removed 
to Northampton. On the records of the lat- 
ter town is this entry : " Joseph Parsons did 
at a Court in Northanrpton, holden March, 
1662, testifie that he was a witness to a deed 
of the lands at Springfield, and a bargain be- 
tweene the Indians and Mr. Pynchon, dated 
July 15, 1636, for 18 fathoms of wampom, 18 
coates, 18 hatchets, 18 hoes, 18 knives." 


As soon as the town was incorporated he 
was elected "Townsman," (or selectman,) 
though lie subsequently paid the (own 20 shil- 
lings not to elect him to any office during the 
second year of its incorporation. After that 
we find him serving the toAvn as " Townsman" 
for seven years. He was a principal founder 
of Northampton, was extensively engaged in 
the fur trade, and acquired a large estate. 

He m. Mary, dan. of Thomas Bliss of Hart- 
ford, (afterwards of Northampton,) Nov. 26, 
1646. They resided in North ampton till 1679, 
in which year they returned to Springfield, 
where they both died. Among the records of 
deaths of that town we find, " Cornet Joseph 
Parsons was sick and died, Oct. 9, 1683." She 
outlived him near 19 years, dying Jan. 29, 
1712. Their children were, 
I. Joseph, 2 b. 1647, m. Elisabeth, dau. of Elder 
John Strong, whose father was ancestor of 
the late Caleb Strong, Governor of Massachu- 
setts. He d. Nov. 29, 1729. She was b. at 
Windsor, Ct., Feb. 24, 1648, d. at Northamp- 
ton, May 1*1, 1736, a. 88. 

II. John, 2 b. 1649, m. Sarah, dau. of Lieut. 

Clarke, at Northampton, Dec. 23, 1675. 

III. Samuel, 2 b. 1652, settled at Durham, Ct., 1706. 

IV. Ebenezer, 2 b. 1655, served against the Indians in 

Philip's war, and was killed fighting under 
Capt. Beers at Northfield, Sept. 8, 1675, with 
his commander and many more. He was the 
first white child born in Northampton. 
V. Jonathan, 2 b. June 6, 1657, d. Oct. 19, 1684. 
VI. David, 2 b. April 30, 1659. . 

VII. Mary, 2 b. June 27, 1661, m. 1. Joseph Ashley of 
Springfield, Oct. 15, 1685 ; 2. Joseph Willis- 
ton, March 2, 1699. 

VIII. Hannah, 2 b. 1663, m. ftev. Pelatiah Glover of 
Springfield, Jan. 6, 1887. 


IX. Abigail, 2 b. Sept. 3, 1666, m. John Colton, Feb. 
19, 1689, d. soon after, leaving a dau. who m. 
Francis Griswold, of Windsor, Ct. 

X. Hester, 2 b. 1672, m. Joseph Smith, of Greenwich, 
Joseph, 2 who m. Elisabeth Strong, had, 

I. Joseph, 3 b. June 28, 16*71, graduated at H. C. 
1697, being the first of the name who had 
graduated there. He m. Elisabeth, dau. of 
Dr. Benjamin Thonrpson, of Roxbury, Ms., 
(who was son of Rev. William Thompson, of 
Braintree, Ms.,) in 1701* He settled in the 
ministry, 1st, at Lebanon, Ct., 2d, at Salis- 
bury, Ms., in 1718, where he d. March 13, 1739, 
a. 69. His wife died at Kensington, N. H. 

n. John, 3 b. Jan. 11, 1674. 
IIL Ebenezer, 3 b. Dec. 11, 1675, m. Mercy Stebbins, 

Dec. 15, 1703, d. 1744. 
IV. Elisabeth, 8 b. Feb. 3, 1678. 

V. David, 3 b. Feb. 1, 1680, at Northampton, grad. 
H. C. 1705, minister of Maiden, 1708, of Leices- 
ter, 1721, where he d. 1737, having been dis- 
missed two years before. His son David 4 
graduated at Harvard College in 1729, and 
was ordained as the first pastor of the church 
in Amherst, Nov. 6, 1739. He m. Eunice 
Wells, of Wethersfield, Ct., had nine children, 
and d. 1781, a. 69. He was the father of the 
Rev. David 5 Parsons, D. D., of Amherst, who 
was b. Jan. 28, 1749, H. C. 1771, settled Oct. 
2, 1 782, d. 1823, a. 74. Dr. Parsons had eleven 
children ; namely, Ezekiel Williams, 6 a physi- 
cian in Colchester, Ct. ; David, 6 of Amherst, 
an artisan ; Prudence Stoddard, 6 m. Rev. Mar- 
cus Smith, 6 Rensselaerville, N. Y. ; Thomas, 6 
a merchant, New- York city, d. a. 41 ; Har- 
riet, 6 m. 1. Rev. Royal Washburn, and 2. Hon. 
David Mack, of Amherst ; Francis, 6 an attor- 
ney at Hartford, Ct., and Judge of the Court 


of Common Pleas ; Mary, 6 m. Rev. William 
Williams, formerly a clergyman, but now a 
practising physician at Salem; Caroline, d. 
a. 22 ; Sophia, 6 m. Rev. Silas Aiken, of Bos- 
ton; William, 6 a physician, of Canaan, Ct., d. 
a. 27 ; and James, 6 a graduate and an in- 
structor of youth at Savannah, Ga., d. a. 29. 
VI. Josiah, 3 b. Jan. 2, 1682, m. Sarah Sheldon, June 

22, 1710, d. April 12, 1768, a. 86. 
VII. Daniel, 3 b. August, 1685, at Northampton, m. 
Abigail Cooley, of Springfield, June 17, 1709, 
resided in Springfield. 
VIII. Moses, 3 b. Jan. 15, 1687, at Northampton, m. 
Abigail Ball, of Springfield, Jan. 20, 1710, 
about which time he removed to Durham, Ct. 
IX. Abigail, 3 b. Jan. 1, 1690. 
X. Noah, 3 b. August 15, 1692, left descendants. 
Samuel, 2 who settled in Durham, Ct., had, 
I. Timothy, 3 b. 1694, d. Jan. 28, 1772. 
II. Simeon, 3 b. 1701, d. Jan. 6, 1784. 

III. Phinehas, 3 b. 1703, d. May 6, 1724. 

IV. Aaron. 3 

V. Ithamar, 3 b. 1707, d. Jan. 21, 1786. He and 
probably all his brothers left male posterity. 
David 4 and Nathan, 4 sons of Ithamar, removed 
to Granville, Ms.,' about 1760. David, 4 of 
Granville, Ms., had a son Joel, 5 who was father 
to the Hon. Judge Anson V. 6 Parsons, of 
Joseph, 3 who m. Elisabeth Thompson, had, 

I. Joseph, 4 b. in Salisbury, 1702, grad. H. C. 1720, 
ordained at Bradford, Ms., June 8, 1726, d. 
there May 4, 1765, a. 63. His wife was Fran- 
ces, dau. of John Usher, Lieut. Gov. of New- 
Hampshire, who was son of Hezekiah Usher, 
by Elisabeth, dau. of the Rev. Zachariah 
Symmes, of Chariest own, Ms. His publica- 
tions were an Election Sermon, an Ordina- 
tion, and an Artillery Election Sermon, 1 744. 


Their children were, 1. Frances, 5 b. 1730, d. at 
Epping, N. H., Oct. 7, 1808, unmarried, a. 78. 
2. Elisabeth, 5 b. 1731, d. 1733. 3. Joseph, 5 b. 
Oct. 5, 1733, minister of Brookfield, Ms., d. 
Jan. 17, 1771, a. 38. His wife was Sarah, dau. 
of Rev. Warham Williams, of Waltham, Ms., 
by Abigail, dau. of Col. George Leonard, of 
Norton. Rev. Warham Williams was son of 
Rev. John Williams, of Deerfield, the " Re- 
deemed Captive," and grandson of Deacon 
Samuel Williams, of Roxbury, and Rev. Elea- 
zer Mather, of Northampton, great-grandson 
of Robert Williams and Deacon William Park, 
of Roxbury. 4. Thomas, 5 b. 1735, who went 
to Parsonsfield, Me. 5. Samuel, 5 b. 1737, of 
Cornville, Me., d. 1807. 6. Dr. John, 5 b. 1740, 
of S. Berwick, Me., d. 1775. 7. William, 6 b. 
1 741, d. 1 742. 8. William, 5 of Alfred, Me., b. 
1743, d. August 4, 1826, a. 83. 9. Sarah, 6 b. 
1745, d. at Parsonsfield, 1800. 10. Edward, 6 
b. 1747, went in the Revolutionary army, as 
Adjutant in Col. Poor's regiment, and d. 1776. 
Rev. Joseph Parsons, 6 of Brookfield, left an 
only dau. who m. Samuel Pitkin, Esq., of E. 
Hartford, Ct. William, 5 wno d. at Alfred, 
Me., had nine children, among whom was 
Usher, 6 M. D., of Providence, R. I., a profes- 
sor in Brown University, a surgeon in the 
war of 1812, and in Perry's fleet at the battle 
of Lake Erie. He m. Mary, dau. of Rev. Abiel 
Holmes, D. D., author of " American Annals." 
Dr. Parsons is himself author of several medi- 
cal treatises of great merit. 

Thomas, 6 was the proprietor of Parsonsfield, 
Me., and left a numerous posterity— 19 chil- 
dren, by two wives. His first wife was Mary 
II. Samuel, 4 b. at Salisbury, Ms., 1707, grad. H. C. 
1730, ordained at Rye, N. H., Nov. 3, 1736, 


m. Mary, only child of Samuel Jones, Esq., of 
Boston, Oct. 9, 1739, d. Jan. 4, 1789, a. 82, in 
the 53d year of his ministry. The grandfather 
of Mary Jones was Capt. John Adams, of 
Boston, grandson of Henry, of Braintree, who 
was among the first settlers of Massachusetts, 
and from whom a numerous race of the name 
are descended, including two Presidents of 
the United States. Gov. Samuel Adams (the 
patriot) was cousin to Mary, who m. Samuel 

Rev. Samuel Parsons, 5 had four children; 
namely, 1. Mary, m. Rev. John Tucke, of Ep- 
som, whose dau. Love M., m. Simeon Drake, 
late of Concord, N. H. 2. Joseph, M. D., a 
captain in the Revolutionary army, who d. in 
Rye, N. H., in 1832, a. 86. 3. Hannah, d. 
unmarried. 4. Betsey, m. Lieut. Samuel Wal- 
lace, of Rye, whose dau. m. the late Isaac 
Waldron, Esq., of Portsmouth, N". H. 
III. William, 4 b. at Salisbury, April 21, 1716, grad. 
H. C. 1735, settled over the church in South 
Hampton, N". H., 1743, from which he was 
dismissed after a ministry of about twenty 
years. He m. Sarah Burnham, of Durham, 
K H., May 16, 1743. In 1763, he removed 
to Gilmanton with his family, that town be- 
ing then a wilderness, though by the end of 
the year about twenty families had arrived 
and commenced settlements.* Mr. Parsons 
was employed by the proprietors to preach 
to the inhabitants. He also instructed the 
youth of the place, and continued these ser- 
vices after His labors as a minister ceased. 

* For minute and interesting particulars of this now important 
town, the reader is referred to the history of it by Rev. Daniel 
Lancaster. In that work the author has given pedigrees of 
many of the early settlers. 


He d. Jan. 31, 1796, and his wife followed 
him to the grave, Feb. 28, 1797. His children 
were Sarah, William, Elisabeth, John, Joseph, 
and Ebenezer. Elisabeth m. Gen. Joseph 
Badger, Jr., who was the father of Hon. Wil- 
liam Badger, of Gilmanton, late Governor of 
New-Hanrp shire. 
IV. Elisabeth, 4 b. 1718, m. Rev. Jeremiah Fogg, of 
Kensington, N". H. She d. March 5, 1779, a. 
61. He d. Dec. 1, 1789, in the 78th year of 
his age, and the 5 2d of his ministry. A de- 
scendant of Rev. Mr. Fogg is the consort of 
Rev. James Farnsworth, of Roxboro', Ms. 
V. John, 4 b. Oct. 15, 1725, d. Sophomore in H. C, 
Oct. 28, 1740. 

Benjamin Parsons, 1 younger brother of Cornet Joseph, 
whose descendants are above traced, was like 
him among the first settlers of Springfield, 
and a prominent citizen, a gentleman of ex- 
emplary moral character, of great worth and 
respectability. He was Deacon of the church, 
and a chief instrument in its formation in 
Springfield, as appears from his correspond- 
ence with the Rev. Dr. Increase Mather. In 
the civil affairs of the town, no one held more 
responsible offices, or discharged them with 
greater fidelity. 

Mr. Parsons m. 1 st. Sarah, dau. of Richard 
Yore, of Windsor, who was a member of the 
Rev. John Warham's church, in Dorchester, 
and accompanied him to Windsor in 1635. 
She d. at Springfield, Jan. 1, 1676. He m. 
2d, Sarah, relict of John Leonard, Feb. 21, 
1677. Her father having settled in Spring- 
field in 1639. Deacon Parsons d. August 24, 
1689, and his wife in 1690. 

His children by his first marriage were, 

I. Sarah, 8 b. at Springfield, (as were probably all 
his children,) August 18, 1656, m. James Dor- 

II. Benjamin, 2 b. Sept. 15, 1658, m. Sarah, dau. of 

John Keep, of Springfield, Jan. 17, 1683. He 
d. at Enfield, Ct., Dec. 28, 1728, a. 60. She 
d. July 8, 1729. Her mother was Sarah, dau. 
of John Leonard, of Springfield, and her father 
was killed by the Indians at Long Meadow, 
1676 ; probably on the 26th of March ; as on 
that day, six men were killed at Springfield, 
three of them near Pecowsick brook, as they 
were passing from Long Meadow to the town, 
with an escort under Capt. Nixon. The cir- 
cumstance was long perpetuated by the fol- 
lowing distich, but with how much truth we 
pretend not to say. It is this : 

" Seven Indians, and one without a gun, 
Caused Captain Nixon and forty men to run." 

III. Mary, 2 b. Dec. 10, 1660, d. at Springfield, Jan. 

27, 1662. 

IV. Abigail, 2 b. Jan. 6, 1662, m. 1. John Mun, Dec. 

23, 1680 ; 2. John Richards, Oct. 7, 1686. 
V. Samuel, 2 b. Oct. 10, 1666, m. Hannah Hitchcock, 
March 18, 1683, d. in Enfield, Feb., 1736, a. 70. 
VI. Ebenezer, 2 b. Nov. 17, 1668, m. Margaret, dau. 
of Samuel and Katherine Marshfield, of Spring- 
field, and grand-daughter of Thomas Marsh- 
field, who came from Exeter, England, with 
Rev. Mr. Warharn, and settled in Windsor, 
Ct. Mr. Parsons d. at Springfield, Sept. 23, 
1752, a. 84. His wife d. June 12, 1758, a. 87, 
as is to be seen on her tombstone in West 
Springfield, together with these lines : 

The hope of life immortal 
bloom, Dispel y e grave's 

most hideous gloom 
Christ on y e Resurection 
day his Saints with glory shall array. 


Mr. Parsons was highly respected, was Dea- 
con of the Congregational Church in West 
Springfield fifty-two years, which terminated 
at his decease. 
VIE. Mary, 2 lb. Dec. 17, 1670, m. Thomas Richards, 
Oct. 21, 1691. 
Yin. Hezekiah, 2 b. Nov. 24, 1673, m. Hannah, dau. of 
Eliakim Cooley, of Springfield, Feb. 20, 1701. 
[There is a curious entry on the Springfield 
records concerning this match.] They resided 
in Enfield and Suffield, Ct. He d. July 11, 
IX. Joseph, 2 b. Dec. 1675, m. Abigail Phelps, Sept. 
15, 1697. He resided in West Springfield. 
Benjamin, 2 of Enfield, who m. Sarah Keep, had, 

I. John, 3 b. in Enfield, Nov. 19, 1684, d. there May 

9, 1717, a. 33. 
II. Benjamin, 3 b. March 1 1688, was of Enfield, Ct., 

where he d. unmarried, July 4, 1734, a. 46. 
HI. Christopher, 8 b. Jan. 28, 1691, m. Mary Pease, 
of Enfield, April 22, 1714, d. Sept, 10, 1747, a. 
56. They had twelve children, born between 
March 1, 1715, and Dec, 23, 1740 ; eight sons 
and four daughters. The sons were John, 4 
Christopher, 4 Benjamin, 4 Joseph, 4 Ebenezer, 4 
Benjamin, 4 Jabez, 4 Noah, 4 John, 4 m. Ann Col- 
ton, at Enfield, and had John, 5 Ebenezer, 5 Ja- 
bez, 5 and Oliver, 5 who d. at Peekskill, in 1777, 
in the Revolutionary war. 

Christopher, 4 m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Pease, 
and had among other children, Asahel, 5 and 
Christopher. 5 

Benjamin, 4 m. Sophia Pease, and had Sim- 
eon, 5 Mary, 5 and John. 5 He lived at Enfield. 
Joseph, 4 m. Rebecca Allen, of Enfield, Ct., 
and had Joseph, 5 and Jabez, 5 and three daugh- 
ters. Joseph, 5 had a large family in Enfield. 
V. Sarah, 3 of whom we have no account but of her 
death, July 8, 1729. 


Samuel, 2 of Enfield, who m. Hannah, dan. of Luke 
Hitchcock, of Springfield, had, 

I. John, 3 b. July 23, 1093, m. Thankful Root, of 
Enfield, June 20, 1710. They had seven chil- 
dren, among whom were John, 4 Moses, 4 and 
Thomas. 4 
II. Luke, 8 1). Jan. 4, 1G90, m. Sarah Osborn, Sept. 
13, 1710, at Enfield. They had seven chil- 
dren, one of whom was a son, Luke, 4 b. April 
17, 1724. 

III. Hezekiah, 8 b. April 13, 1098, m. Rebecca Burt, 

Nov. 15, 1723, d. 1751. He had, besides 
other children, Hezekiah, 4 David, 4 Eldad, 4 and 
Charles. 4 

IV. Hannah, 3 b. August 2, 1700, m. Nathaniel Hor- 

ton, March 3, 1720. 

V. Nathaniel, 3 b. Dec. 28, 1702, m. Mary Pease, 

Dec. 18,1 725. He had Nathaniel, 4 Chaclwell, 4 
who m. Ruth, dau. of Josiah Ward, of Enfield, 
and Stephen. 4 

VI. Moses, 3 b. June 10, 1707, m. Hannah, dau. of 

Samuel Stebbins, of Springfield, Jan. 13, 1730, 
d. at Enfield, 1780. He had eight children, 
four sons and four daughters. Warham 4 m. 
Mary Pease, and had, besides other children, 
Martin, 5 Warham, 5 and Moses. 5 
VII. Miriam, 3 b. April 9, 1710, m. Caleb Jones, Nov. 

10, 1730. 
VIII. Samuel, 3 b. Nov. 23, 1090, (at Springfield,) m. 
Abigail Randall, Dec. 4, 1713, and had sons, 
Samuel 4 and Aaron. 4 
IX. Sarah, 3 b. Nov. 10, 1704, m. Thomas Jones, June 

10, 1742. 
X. Daniel, of whom, as yet, nothing appears. 
Ebenezee, 2 of West Springfield, who m. Margaret 
Marshfield, had, 
I. Ebenezer, 3 b. at Springfield, Jan. 12, 1091, m. 
Martha Ely, 1714, d. 1742, leaving ten chil- 
dren ; namely, Martha, 4 m. John Taylor ; Eu- 


nice, 4 m. Daniel H. Phelps, of Upper Housa- 
tonick; Margaret, 4 m. Daniel Foot, of Col- 
chester; Mary, 4 m. William Clark, of Col- 
chester ; Diana, 4 Ebenezer ; 4 Naomi, 4 m. Asaph 
Leonard ; Stephen, 4 Abigail, 4 and Seth. 4 
II. Margaret, 3 b. Sept. 19, 1693, m. Rev. Daniel 
Elmer, of Newark, N. J. 

III. Jonathan, 3 b. July 15, 1695. Drowned July 1, 


IV. Benjamin, 3 b. Dec. 15, 1696, m. Martha Bliss, 

August 15, 1723 ; went to Kingston, thence 
to Palmer, Ms., d. at Swansey, in the house of 
his son, Aaron. 4 His wife d. at Palmer, Ms., 
July 17, 1760, a. 56. They had twelve chil- 
dren. Eleanor, 4 m. Elizur Fitch, of Monson ; 
David, 4 of Palmer, Ms. ; Tabitha, 4 m. Robert 
McMaster, of Palmer, 1766 ; Moses, 4 d. at the 
Havanna in the French war ; Israel, 4 d. in the 
same war, at Fort Harmer ; Aaron, 4 of Swan- 
sey ; Jonathan, 4 m. Mary, dan. Deacon Joseph 
Merrick, of Springfield, d. at W. Springfield, 
May 2, 1810, a. 75. She d. March 15, 1817, a. 
84. Joshua, 4 m. Eleanor Allen, lived in Pal- 
mer, Ms. Abigail, 4 m. Ebenezer Bliss, of Bel- 
chertown. Martha, 4 m. Daniel Worthington, 
Yt. ; Benjamin, 4 d. in the French war. 
V. Caleb, 3 b. Dec. 27, 1699, m. Miriam Williston, 
Oct. 4, 1749. She d. at W. Springfield, July 
24, 1760, a. 53, leaving one son, Caleb, 4 b. 1755, 
d. 1760. 
YI. Sarah, 3 b. Feb. 4, 1703, m. Pelatiah Hitchcock, 
ofBrookfield, Ms. 
VH. Jonathan, 3 b. at Springfield, Nov. 30, 1705, grad. 
at Y. C. 1729, studied theology with Rev. 
Elisha Williams, President of Y. C, and Rev. 
Jonathan Edwards, of Northampton, ordained 
at Lyme, March 17, 1730, m. Phebe, dau. of 
John Griswold, of Lyme, and sister of Gov- 
ernor Matthew Griswold. 


Iii March, 1746, Rev. Mr. Parsons removed 
to Newburyport, Ms., where he preached until 
his decease. Be d. July 19, 1776, a. 71, and 
was interred in a tomb under his pulpit, by 
the side of Rev. George Whitefield, who had 
died at his house not long before. His wife 
d. at Newburyport also, Dec. 2G, 1770. He 
in. 2. Mrs. Lydia Clarkson, widow of Andrew 
Uarkson, Esq., of Portsmouth, N. H. She 
survived him, and d. April 30, 1778. 

Mr. Parsons was author of several occa- 
sional and other sermons in pamphlet form, 
and two volumes of sixty sermons in 8vo., ad- 
vertised as in press at Newburyport, in 1781, 
by J. Mycall. As extended memoirs have 
beeu published of him in several works, it is 
unnecessary to be more particular at this time. 
VHI. Abigail, 3 b. Oct, 21, 1708, m. Thomas Day, of 
Springfield, March 19, 1735. 
IX. Katherine, 3 b. Oct. 16, 1715, m. Aaron Taylor, 
of Upper Housatonick. 
Rev. Joxathax Paesoxs, 3 of Newburyport, bad thir- 
teen children, six of whom d. in infancy. 
Those who married were, 
I. Marshfield, 4 b. Feb. 7, 1733, lived at Lyme, Ct., 
d. there Jan. 13, 1813, a, 80. He m. 1. Lois, 
dan. of Richard Wait, Sen., of Lyme. He m. 
2. Abigail Marvin, Xov. 20, 1766. She d. 
August 22, 1782, a. 35. He m. 3. Abigail 
Waterman, of Norwich, Jan. 15, 1783. She 
d. March 14, 1793, a, 53. He m. 4. Phebe 
Griffin, Oct. 10, 1793, widow, and dan. of 
Pardon Taber, of Lyme. He had children 
only by his first wife. His son, John, 5 m. Jo- 
anna, dan. of Joseph Mather, of Lyme. By a 
second wife, Lois, dan. of Richard Wait, Jr., 
he had twelve children. 
II. Jonathan, 4 b. April 25, 1735, m. Hannah, dau. of 
Samuel Gyles, of Salisbury, August 26, 1756. 


They had ten children, four of whom were 
sons, and all d. unmarried. Elisabeth, 5 m. 1. 
Samuel Chandler, 2. John My call. Hannah, 5 
m. Abraham Jackson, and had Ellen 6 and 
Isaac Rand; 6 the latter d. July 27, 1842, at 
Copenhagen, while U. S. Charge d' Affaires, a. 
37. He m. Louisa C. Carrol, of Philadelphia, 
grand-daughter of Charles Carroll, of Carrol- 
ton, Md., one of the signers of the Declaration 
of Independence. 
in. Samuel Holden, 4 b. May 14, 1737, at Lyme, Ct., 
grad. H. C. 1756; in 1781 he received an 
honorary degree from Y. C, studied law at 
Lyme in the office of his uncle, Gov. Matthew 
Griswold, admitted to the bar in New-London 
County, 1759, settled at Lyme, was elected 
Representative to the General Assembly in 
1762, and successively for eighteen sessions, 
which brought him to the year 1774, when he 
received the appointment of King's Attorney, 
and removed to New-London. In 1775 he 
was appointed Colonel of the sixth Connecti- 
cut regiment, and a Brigadier-General by 
Congress in 1776, Major-General in 1780. In 
1779 he succeeded Gen. Putnam in the com- 
mand of the Connecticut line of the Conti- 
nental army, and served in the Revolutionary 
army as Major-General until the close of the 
war. He was an active member of the Con- 
vention of Connecticut in January, 1788, which 
ratified the Constitution of the "United States, 
and was elected President of the " Society of 
Cincinnati" of Connecticut. In 1785 he was 
appointed by Congress a Commissioner to 
treat with the Indians at Miami. In 1788 he 
was appointed and commissioned by President 
Washington first Judge of the Northwest 
Territory, which included the present States 
of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan ; and 


while holding that office, was, in 1789, ap- 
pointed by the State of Connecticut a Com- 
missioner to hold a treaty with the Wyandots 
and other tribes of Indians on Lake Erie, for 
extinguishing the aboriginal title to the " Con- 
necticut Western Reserve." While returning 
to his residence at Marietta from this service, 
he was drowned by the overturning of his 
boat in descending the rapids of the Big 
Beaver River, Nov. 17, 1789, a. 52. 

Gen. Parsons m. Mehetabel, dau. of Richard 
Mather, of Lvme, (a lineal descendant of Rev. 
Richard Mather, of Dorchester,) Sept. 10, 1761. 
She was b. in Lyme, March 7, 1743, d. August 
7, 1802, and was buried at Middletown, Ct. 
The children of Gen. Parsons were, 1. Wil- 
liam Walter, 5 b. July 5, 1762, m. Esther, dau. 
of Thompson Phillips, of Middletown, d. Jan. 
24, 1801, leaving children, Esther Phillips, 6 m. 
William Hammet, of Bangor, and Thomas, 6 
who d. young. 2. Lucia, 5 b. Nov. 8, 1764, m. 
Hon. Stephen Titus Hosmer, Chief-Justice of 
Connecticut. They had four sons and six 
daughters. All the sons d. young, except 
Oliver Ellsworth, 6 who m. Ann P. Hawes, of 
New- York. 3. Thomas, 5 who d. young. 4. 
E^och, 5 * b. Nov. 5, 1769, d. at Hartford, July 
9, 1846, m. 1. Mary Wyley Sullivan, May 19, 
1795. She was dau. of John Sullivan, of Lon- 
don, and b. in Philadelphia, Nov. 9, 1772, d. 
at Middletown, July 2, 1807. He m. 2. Mrs. 
Sarah Rosecrans, dau. of Nehemiah Hubbard, 
of Middletown, by whom he had one son, 
Henry Ethelbert, 6 who m. Abby C, dau. of 
John Welles, of Ann Arbor, Michigan ; and 
a dau., Mary Sullivan, 6 m. James, son of Ro- 
bert Dickson, of London, Eng., d. at Phila- 

* For extract of Memoir, see page 23, 


delphia, Dec. 15, 1841. The next of the chil- 
dren of Gen. Parsons was, 5. Mehetabel, 5 b. 
Dec. 24, 1772, m. William B. Hall, M. D., of 
Middletown, d. Nov. 1, 1823, a. 51, leaving, 
1. William Brenton; 6 2. Samuel Holden Par- 
sons, 6 of Binghamton, 1ST. Y. 6. Phebe, 5 b. 
Jan. 25, 1775, at New-London, m. Samuel 
Tiffen, and had a dau. 6 m. to L. T. Clark, of 
Philadelphia. 7. Samuel Holden, 5 b. Dec. 31, 
1777, m. Esther, dau. of Giles Page, of Mid- 
dletown, d. in the West Indies, leaving a 
dau., Mary Ann, 6 m. to William C. Hammet, 
ofHowland,Me. 8. Margaret Ann. 5 9. Mar- 
garet, 5 b. 1785, m. 1. Stephen Hubbard, of 
Middletown, who settled at Champion, N. Y., 
where he d. 1812. 2, Alfred Lathrop, 6 of 
Champion and W. Carthage, 1ST. Y. 

IV. Thomas, 4 b. April 28, 1739, m. 1. Mary Gibson, 
and had one son, Jonathan G., 5 who. d. with- 
out issue. He m. 2. Sarah Sawyer, of New- 
bury, and had, 1. Sarah, 6 m. to Gorham Par- 
sons, late a merchant of Boston, whose father 
was brother to the late Judge Theophilus 
Paesoxs, of Boston, descended from that 
branch of the family settled at Gloucester, 
Ms., the ancestor of which was Jeffrey Par- 
sons, whose pedigree we propose to trace 
hereafter ; 2. Ann, 5 m. Fitz-William Sargent, 
of Gloucester, Ms. ; 3. Mary, 5 m. Ignatius Sar- 
gent ; 4. , 5 m. Samuel Torrey, of Boston. 

V. Phebe, 4 b. at Newburyport, March 6, 1748, m. 
Capt. Ebenezer Lane, of Boston, had no chil- 
dren, d. 1781. 

YI. Lucia, 4 b. at Newburyport, Dec. 23, 1752, m. 
Capt. Joseph Tappan, of that place, d. there 
in 1815, a. 63, leaving seven children: 1. 
Thomas P.; 5 2. Phebe Griswold; 5 3. Sarah; 6 
4. John Pike; 5 5. Richard; 5 6. Joseph/ and 
7. Thomas Parsons. 6 


VII. Lydia, 4 b. April 8, 1755, m. Moses, sod of TToii. 

Jonathan Grcenleaf, of Newburyport, Sept. 
IV, 1776, and had children: 1. Moses; 6 2. 
Clarina Parsons ; 6 3. Ebenezer ; 6 4. Simon, 6 b. 
Dec. 5, 1783, the distinguished attorney and 
professor of law, in II. C. 5. Jonathan, 6 a 
clergyman of Brooklyn, N. Y., and author of 
a memoir of Rev. Jonathan Parsons in the 
American Quarterly Register, also of Eccle- 
siastical Sketches of Maine. 

Hugh Parsons appears on the town records of 
Springfield, 27. 8, (2 7 Oct.,) 1645. How long before 
that he was resident there does not appear, though it 
is quite probable that he was among the first inhabit- 
ants. Whether Hugh were a brother of Benjamin and 
Joseph, or what relationship he may have borne to 
them, nothing has yet come to our knowledge to en- 
able us to determine ; yet he was probably the older 
brother of those, and so we shall consider him until 
we are otherwise assured. Mr. Parsons married Mary 
Lewis on the date above mentioned, by whom he had, 
I. Samuel, b. Oct. 4, 1648, d. Oct. 4, 1649. 

II. Joshua, b. Oct. 26, 1650. d. June 4, 1651. 

The following extract from a memoir of Enoch 
Parsons, Esq., of Hartford, Conn., (son of Samuel 
Holden Parsons, Esq., of- Lyme, Conn.,) was written 
by his son, Samuel Holden Parsons, Esq., of Middle- 
town, and published in the New-England Historical 
and Genealogical Register for April, 1847 : 

" Enoch Parsons, Esq., of Hartford, Ct., was born 
at Lyme, Ct., Nov. 5, 1769. He was the third son of 
Samuel Holden Parsons, an Aid to General Washing- 
ton, a Major-General in the Revolutionary army, and 
subsequently Chief Justice of the North Western Terri- 
tory. Mr. Parsons was also grandson of the Rev. Jona- 
than Parsons, a distinguished clergyman first of Lyme, 


Ct., and secondly of ISTewburyport, Ms. His mother, 
who was a daughter of Richard Mather, of Lyme, was 
lineally descended from the Rev. Richard Mather, the 
first clergyman of Dorchester, Ms., ancestor of the Rev. 
Messrs. Increase and Cotton Mather, of Boston. His 
grandmother was sister to the Hon. Matthew Griswold, 
of Lyme, formerly Governor of the State, and was 
lineally descended from Henry Wolcott, 1st of Wind- 
sor, the progenitor of all who bear that name in Con- 

May 14, 1789, Mr. Parsons was appointed by Gov. 
Arthur St. Clair, Register and Clerk of the first Pro- 
bate Record Office, established in the County of Wash- 
ington, which was the first county erected northwest of 
the river Ohio. He there remained, faithfully discharg- 
ing the duties of this appointment, until April, 1790, 
when he resigned and returned to Middletown, Ct., his 
family residence, and was appointed by the General 
Assembly of the State at their ensuing session, in May, 
High Sheriff of Middlesex County. This office he ac- 
cepted, being then only twenty-one years of age ; and 
he continued to perform its duties with fidelity and 
public acceptance, till he attained the age of forty- 
nine, a period of twenty-eight years ; when he was com- 
pelled by ill health and various imperative avocations, 
to relinquish its fatigues and solicitude. 

During the period of his official duties as Sheriff, 
Mr. Parsons was also actively engaged in various other 
]mblic avocations, and in mercantile business. He 
was called to preside over different local institutions 
and organizations in the place where he resided; 
acted awhile as Secretary to an Insurance Company, 
and was l^peatedly elected an Alderman of the City of 
Middletown, and Representative in the General As- 
sembly of the State. He was also presented by his 
Congressional friends as a rival candidate of the late 
President Harrison in the year 1791 for the office of 
Secretary and ex-officio Lieutenant-Governor of the N". 
W. Territory, but he declined the nomination. He 
likewise declined the honor, though repeatedly solicited, 


to represent his fellow-citizens in the councils of the 
nation. His own private affairs too much required 
his attention to permit him to engage in this high trust. 

In the year 1810, when the late Bank of the United 
States was incorporated, Mr. Parsons, believing that 
the establishment of a Branch in Connecticut, (by 
many deemed impracticable,) would materially pro- 
mote the commercial interests of its citizens, visited 
Philadelphia in company with other gentlemen, with 
a view to this object. By the most persevering efforts, 
and through his active and efficient influence and exer- 
tion, a Branch was located in Connecticut, at Middle- 
town. He was chosen a Director of the institution 
immediately upon its organization, and continued in 
the direction during the existence of the charter. 

In 1818 he was elected President of the Connecticut 
Branch, on the resignation of the Hon. Samuel W. 
Dana, then a Senator in Congress ; and was annually 
elected, until it was transferred from Middletown to 
Hartford, in the spring of 1824. Having removed 
thither himself about the same time, lie was re-elected, 
and continued to preside over the institution with ac- 
knowledged impartiality, fidelity and firmness, and the 
most unflinching integrity, during the operations of 
the Branch in Connecticut, and until the expiration of 
the charter. 

Mr. Parsons was a firm believer in the Christian re- 
ligion. He adopted the principle of the gospel as the 
standard of human action ; and frequently remarked, 
that through life he had made it an invariable rule 
never to close his eyes in sleep without first commun- 
ing with his God. 

About a year previous to the close of his interesting 
life, his system became generally debilitated, and dur- 
ing the last three or four months he was unable to 
leave the house. He expressed himself perfectly resigned 
to the will of Heaven, and gradually sunk into a lethar- 
gy, which continued until the morning of July 9, 1846, 
when he slept in death, in the 7 7th year of his age." 




I. Benjamin Parsons, 1636. 

II. Ebenezer, 2 son of Deacon Benjamin. 1 
ILT. Benjamin, 3 son of Deacon Ebenezer. 2 
IV. Jonathan, 4 son of Deacon Benjamin. 3 

V. Jonathan, 8 son of Jonathan. 4 

VI. Edwaed, 6 son of Jonathan, 5 1867. West Spring- 
field was set off from Springfield and incor- 
porated a town in 1774. 
Jonathan Parsons, 4 son of Benjamin, 3 was born 1735, 
d. at West Springfield, Mass., May 2, 1810, 
aged 75, m. Mary, dau. of Deacon Joseph 
Merrick, she died March 15th, 1817, aged 84. 
Their children were, 
I. Israel, 5 b. June 11, 1762, d. Sept. 25, 1846, m. 
Polly Marvin. They lived in Granville, Mass. 
She died August 31, 1847. 

II. Mary, 5 b. Nov. 12, 1763, d. May 5, 1853, m. Elihu 
Stow, of Granville, Mass. 

m. Martha, 5 b. March 24, 1765, d. Nov. 20, 1828, m. 
Joseph P. Sears, of East Bloomfield, N. Y. 

IV. Rahama, 5 b. Nov. 11, 1766, m. Levi Hayes, of 

Granville, Ohio. 
V. Mercy, 5 b. Oct. 13, 1768, d. Dec. 8, 1789. 

VL Jonathan, 5 b. Sept. 19, 1770, d. Dec. 6, 1827, m. 
Graty, 5 daughter of Elias 4 and Susannah 
VH. Joseph, 5 -b. June 24, 1773, d. Oct. 16, 1789. 


Jonathan Paebons," son of Jonathan 4 and Mary, was 
I). September 19, 1110, d. December Oth, 1827, 
m. June 24, 1797, Graty, 5 daughter of Elias 
and Susannah Leonard, of Feeding Hills, West 
Springfield, Mass. She was born August 8, 
1 777, and died March 24, 1853. An intelligent, 
aifectionate and faithful wife and mother. She 
deserved and received the tenderest love of 
her children. Their children were, 
I. Harriet, 6 b. Dec. 27, 1798, d. Sept. 7, 1800. 
II. Francis, 6 b. Dec. 5, 1800, d. Sept. 6, 1803. 

III. James Merrick, 6 b. Dec. 18,1802, d. Sept. 6, 1803. 

IV. Edward, 6 b. Sept. 17, 1804. 

V. Mary, 6 b. July 27, 1806, d. June 18, 1842. 
VI. Henry, 6 b. Sept. 25, 1808. 
VII. James Merrick, 6 b. Feb. 23, 1810. 
VIII. Harriet, 6 b. Sept. 20, 1812. 
IX. Frances Cornelia, 6 b. Aug. 19, 1814, d. May 23, 
X. Samuel Leonard, 6 b. April 9, 1817. 
XI. Jonathan, 6 b. Oct. 7, 1820. 
XII. Martha, 6 b. July 7, 1824. 

Edward, 6 (son of Jonathan 5 and Graty, 5 ) was born 
Setpember 17, 1804, m. November 17, 1825, 
Sophronia, daughter of Aaron Bagg, of West 
Springfield. He has represented his town 
and county in the State Senate and House of 
Representatives, a Justice of the Peace, and 
has held the various offices of the town. 

August, 1867. They now occupy the old 

Mary," (daughter of Jonathan 5 and Graty, 5 ) b. July 
27, 1806, d. June 18, 1842, m. Jan. 18, 1827, 
Joseph Ely, of West Springfield, merchant. 
They removed to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1831, 
where he died July 28, 1833. She returned 
to W. Si, where she died in the full belief 


that a crown awaited her in heaven. Their 
children were, 
I. William, 7 b. in W. S., Jan., 20, 1828. He served 
in the war from 1861 to 1864, m. Jan. 31, 1859, 
Sallie Johnson, of Louisville, Kentucky, where 
they resided August, 1867. 
II. Mary, 7 b. in W. S., Feb. 4, 1830, m. August 11, 
1852, Henry A. Pierce, of Hinsdale, Mass. 
Resided August, 1867, in Lansingburgh, N. Y. 

Henry,® (son of Jonathan and Graty,) b. Sept. 25, 1808, 
m. August 31, 1831, Harriet Maria, daughter 
of Richard Bagg, of W. S. She was born 
Jan. 8, 1810. They removed to Pennfield, 
Calhoun County, Michigan, in 1837, where 
they resided in August, 1867. For many 
years a Justice of the Peace, town officer and 
Postmaster. Their children were, 
I. Harriet Maria, 7 b. in W. S., March 17, 1834, m. 
Yarn urn T. Hull, of Pittsfield, Mass., Jan. 1, 
1857. They removed to Chicago, Illinois, 
where they resided August, 1867. Their 
children were, 

1. Ida Ellen, 8 b. May 20, 1859, d. May 25, 

2. Henry Parsons, 8 b. July 31, 1860. 

3. Mary Ellen, 8 b. April 30, 1865. 

H. James Merrick, 7 b. in W. S., Dec, 27, 1835, d. 
at Falmouth, near Fredericksburgh, Virginia, 
in the service of his country, Jan. 16, 1863. 

He was a young man of unusual maturity of 
character. In August, 1862, moved by true 
patriotism, he left his father in the field, to 
take the sword against those who had risen 
to overthrow the government. He enlisted 
in the 20th Michigan Regiment, August 13, 
1862, and marched directly to the front of 
battle. He was engaged in the attack upon 
Fredericksburgh, under Gen. Burnside, Dec. 
12, 1862, but returned from that attack unin- 


jured. lie w:is, however, soon attacked with 

typhoid fever, and died in camp on the 16th 
of the following January. His body was 
recovered and taken home, and now rests 
beside that of his soldier brother, spoken of 
below. He lived an exemplary life, and died 
a Christian. 

III. Ellen Cornelia, 7 b. Dec. 14, 1837. 

IV. William Henry, 7 b. July 9th, 1840, d. at Tipton, 

Missouri, in the service of his country, Dec. 

22, 1861. 

At the breaking out of the war his patriotic 
heart overflowed for his country. He enlisted 
in her service August 22, 1861, and was sent 
to Missouri. He was under the command of 
Gen. Fremont, in his celebrated and almost 
unequaled march down through that State to 
Springfield. While upon that march, and 
when near the town of Tipton, he was attacked 
with measles and typhoid fever, which termi- 
nated in his death in about a week — the death 
of a trustful Christian. A fellow-soldier, a 
townsman, took his body home, and his pa- 
rents have the satisfaction of knowing that 
their brave and noble boys rest quietly within 
sight of their own door. 
V. Mary Frances, 7 b. Feb. 24, 1843. 
VI. Richard Bagg, 7 b. June 18, 1846. 
Vn. Clara Martha, 7 twin sister of Clarence Marvin, 

b. August 30, 1850. 
Vin. Clarance Marvin, 7 twin brother of Clara Martha, 
b. August 30, 1850, d. Oct. 21, 1850. 

James Meeeick, 6 (son of Jonathan and Graty,) b. Feb. 

23, 1810 ; removed to Marshall, Calhoun Co., 
Mich., in 1835 ; m. May, 1836, Eleanor Dorsey, 
of Lyons, N". Y. She was born August 12, 
1814. For many years he has been an elder 
in the Presbyterian Church, Postmaster, Coun- 
ty Treasurer, and has filled various other offices 


of responsibility and trust. August, 1867, still 
resided at Marshall. Their children were, 
I. William Ely, 7 b. March 27, 1837, d. July 14, 

II. Andrew Dorsey, 7 b. May 11, 1839, d. August 2, 

III. Sarah Dorsey, 7 b. Jan. 9, 1843. 

IV. Edward, 7 b. Jan. 13, 1849. 

Haeeiet, 6 (daughter of Jonathan and Graty,) b. Sept. 
20, 1812, m. Rev. Joseph A. Northrop, of Low- 
ville, Lewis Co., N. Y., Feb. 12, 1832. They 
resided August, 1867, near Otisville, Franklin 
Co., Iowa. Their children were, 
I. Frances Cornelia, 7 b. at Antwerp, N. Y., Nov. 
26, 1832, m. Spencer Mosely, of Clyman, 
Dodge Co., Wisconsin, Nov. 25, 1860. Re- 
sided August, 1867, in Carlinville, 111. 
Their children are, 

1. Edward Parsons, 7 b. January 5, 1862. 

2. Martha Kate, 7 b. February 20, 1864. 

3. Robert Spencer, 7 b. March 20, 1866. 
II. Mary Parsons, 7 b. Dec. 18, 1834, d. Dec. 21, 

1838, at Carthage, N. Y. 
III. A son unnamed, b. at Lowville, N. Y., June 10, 

1837, d. June 17, 1837. 
IY. Caroline Putnam, 7 b. at Massino, N. Y., August 

25, 1840. 
V. Jane Maria, 7 b. August 13, 1842, d. at Lowell, 

Wisconsin, Sept. 13, 1847. 
VI. Edward Allen, 7 b. at Clyman, Wis., August 15, 
1844, d. Jan. 3, 1858, from injuries inflicted 
by a horse. 
VII. Mary Abigail, 7 b. Sept. 14, 1846. 
VTII. James Austin, 7 b. July 19, 1849. 
IX. Martha Alida, 7 b. Jan. 20, 1852. 
X. Harriet Ada, 7 b. Feb. 12, 1854. < 
XI. Charles Sumner, 7 b. Sept. 17, 1856. 
XII. Joseph Allen, 7 b. May 3, 1859. 


Frances Cornelia, 8 (daughter of Jonathan and Gra1 \\) 

1). August 19, 1814, d. May 23, 1840. 

Sam tel Leonard, 6 (son of Jonathan and Graty,) b. 
April 0, 1817, m. Harriet Olmstead, of New- 
York City, June 7, 1847. She was born Jan. 
8, 1817. 

He has been for many years a deacon in 

the Congregational Church, and an active 

Sunday-school man. They resided August, 

1 867, in Brooklyn, N. Y. Their children were, 

I. Samuel Leonard, 7 b. in Springfield, Mass., Dec. 

16, 1849, d. Dec. 19, 1849. 
II. Charles Sutherland, 7 b. in Brooklyn, June 18, 

III. Henry Herbert, 7 b. in Brooklyn, August 10, 1 853. 
Jonathan, 6 (son of Jonathan and Graty,) b. Oct. 7, 

1820, m. Oct. 4, 1847, Mary B. Colt, of Hins- 
dale, Mass. Resided August, 1867, in Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. He has been one of the village 
officers, and a leading man in town affairs. 
Their children were, 
I. Edward Colt, 7 b. at Kalamazoo, June 24, 1848. 
n. Jennie Clark, 7 b. August 31, 1850. 
in. Mary Adele, 7 b. Nov. 5, 1852. 

IV. George Sandford, 7 b. Jan. 16, 1855. 
V. Eliza Crane, 7 b. June 12, 1857. 

VI. Allen Woodbury, 7 b. Nov. 23, 1864. 
Martha, 6 (daughter of Jonathan and Graty,) b. July 7, 





John Leonard 1 lived in Springfield, Mass. Supposed 

to have emigrated from Bilston, County of 

Stafford, England, about 1639, with two 
brothers. His children were, 

I. John, 2 b. July 25, 1641. 
II. Joseph, 2 b. January 17, 1643, d. in infancy. 

III. Joseph, 2 b. March 3, 1644. 

IV. Sarah, 2 b. October 13, 1645. 
V. Mary, 2 b. July 14, 1647. 

VI Martha, 2 b. February 15, 1649. 
VII. Sidda, 2 b. August 29, 1650. 
VIII. John, 2 b. July 10, 1652. 
IX. Benjamin, 2 b. July 5, 1654. 
X. Josiah, 2 b. January 28, 1658. 
XI. Hannah, 2 b. December 29, 1659. 
XII. Rebecca, 2 b. March 26, 1661. 
XIH. Deborah, 2 b. October 1, 1663. 

Josiah, 2 son of John, 1 born January 28, 1658. Married 

Ruth . Lived in West Springfield, 

Mass. Their children were, 

I. Abel, 3 b. November 22, 1706. 
II. Sarah, 3 b. November 14, 1709. 
*III. Ruth, 3 b. April 24, 1713. 
IV. Reuben, 3 b. November 25, 1716. 
V. Jonathan, 3 b. January 24, 1719. 

Reuben, 3 son of Josiah 2 and Ruth, b. November 25th, 

1716, d. October, 1804, m. Miriam 

she died August, 1791. Their children were, 


I. Miriam, 4 b. Oct. 13, 1740, d. Aug. 17, 1701. 
II. Aimer, 4 b. Feb. 13, 1744, <1. died March, 1703. 
Lived in West, Springfield, Muss. 

III. Enoch, 4 b. July 29, 1747, died young. 

IV. Josiali, 4 b. March 27, 1750, lived in Johns- 

town, N. Y. 
V. Elias, 4 b. July 24, 1753, d. Sept. 1, 1831, m. 

Susannah Selclen. 
VI. Enoch, 4 (twin with Timothy,) b. Dec, 14, 1755, 

d. Dec. 1810, lived in Albany, N. Y. 
VII. Timothy, 4 (twin with Enoch,) b. Dec. 14, 1755, 

d. April, 1814, in Lansmgburgh, 1ST. Y. 
VIII. Cybil, 4 b. June 20, 1758, d. May 23, 1792. 
IX. Thaddeus, 4 b. Nov. 2, 1762, d. m. 

she died Oct., 1816. Lived in West Spring- 

Elias, 4 son of Deacon Reuben 5 and Miriam, b. July 
24, 1753, d. at Medina, Ohio, on a visit, Sept. 
1, 1831, m. Susannah Selden; she died May 
12, 1829, aged 77. Their children were, 

I. Selden, 5 b. April, 18, 1776, d. died July 27, 

1 306, m. White ; lived at Camillas, N". Y. 

II. Graty, 5 b. August 8, 1777, d. March 24, 1853, 
m. Jonathan Parsons, 5 West Springfield. 

III. Electa, 5 b. June 15, 1779, died in infancy. 

IV. James Harvey, 5 b. Sept. 22, 1780, d. March 14, 

1845, m. Mary Parish; lived in Lowville, 
Lewis County, IN". Y. 
V. Rodney, 5 b. June 8, 1784, d. August 11, 1852, 

m. Bates ; lived in Martinsburgh, N". Y. 

She resided August, 1867, with her daughter, 
Graty P. Tracy, wife of Squire H. Tracy, in 
Sterling, Whiteside County, 111. 
VI. Warren, 5 b. March 26, 1787, d. May 5, 1789. 
VII. Frances, 5 b. April 27, 1791, d. April 12, 1792. 
VIIL Francis, 5 b. March 23, 1793; lived, August, 
1867, in Brooklyn, N". Y. 
IX. Lorin, 5 b. April 12, 1797, d. Nov. 3, 1822. 


Joseph Selden, of West Springfield, Mass., married 
Susannah Morley ; they lived together sixty- 
three years. He died May 29, 1811, aged 
89 years; she died Jan. 6. 1811, aged 85 
years. Their daughter, Susannah, married 
^ Elias Leonard, 4 son of Reuben 3 and Miriam 

Graty Leonard, 5 daughter of Elias and Susannah, b. 
August 8, 1777, d. March 24, 1853, m. Jona- 
than Parsons, of West Springfield; he died 
Dec. 6, 1827. For record of their family, see 
Jonathan Parsons, page 27. 

James Harvey Leonard, 5 son of Elias 4 and Susannah, 
b. Sept. 27, 1780, d. March 14, 1845, m. 
Mary, daughter of Capt. John Parish, of 
Branford, Conn. ; she was born July 10, 1785. 
Lived in Lowville, Lewis County, N. Y. 
Their children were, 

I. Van Vechten, 6 b. Aug. 19, 1806, d. Jan. 30, 

K Charles Russell, 6 b. July 2, 1808, d. April 25, 

III. Cornelius Parish, 6 b. Feb. 13, 1813, d. Oct. 

17, 1863, m. Elizabeth F. Jones, Sept. 10, 
1835; she was bom April 17, 1817. Their 
children were, 

1. Henry Chapman, 7 b. April 30, 1838. 

2. Mary Elizabeth, 7 b. Oct. 15, 1840. 

IV. Marietta, 6 b. Sept. 23, 1815, died at Oswego, 

K Y., Sept. 7, 1851, m. Asa E. Rogers. 
V. Francis Kellogg, 6 b. Nov. 25, 1818, m. Eliza- 
beth H. Hayden, July 2 7, 1846. 
VI. James Loring, 6 b. June 5, 1821, died at Low- 
ville, Jan. 26, 1867, m. Mary M. Willard, 


dau. of Gen. Joseph K Willard, Jan. 25,1858. 

Slie was 1). Dec. 24, 1838, d. Aljg. 11, 1858. 

He was President and principal owner of 
the Bank of Lowville ; Trustee of Lowville 
Academy; member and Trustee of the Pres- 
byterian Church ; a leading citizen of the 
town and county ; a generous, open-hearted, 
public-spirited man. He accumulated a very 
considerable estate, and disposed of it by will 
in a most Christian and business-like manner. 
YTT. Susan Maria, 6 b. Aug. 31, 1823, d. March 26, 

VIII. Caroline Russell, 6 b. Jan. 1, 1826, d. Dec. 5, 
1856,m. Lorin M. Brown, Feb. 7, 1850; he 
was born Nov. 13, 1826, d. July 19, 1858. 
They had one child, died in infancy. 

Rodney Leonard, 5 son of Elias 4 and Susannah, b. 

June 8, IT 84, d. Aug. 11, 1852, m. Bates ; 

lived at Martinsburgh, 1ST. Y. Their children 

I. Edmund, 6 b. 

II. Graty, 6 b. m. Squire H. 

Tracy ; lived, August, 1867, in Sterling, 111. 

HE. Van Ransalaer, 6 b. 

IV. Selden. 6 

V. Cymantha. 6 

VI. Flava. 6 

VII. Eliza. 6 

Vin. Juliet. 6 

IX. Lorin. 6 

X. Cornelia. 6 

Francis Leonard, 5 son of Elias 4 and Susannah, b. 
March 23, 1793 ; m. first, Sally Maria Wells ; 
she died in Hamilton, Canada, Feb. 14th, 
1832. Their children were, 

I. Martha Ann, 6 b. July 10, 1820, d. April 17, 


II. Ann Matilda, 6 b. March 3, 1822. 

III. James Horatio, 6 b. Nov. 12, 1823, d. in Brook- 

lyn, N. Y., April 14, 1859. 

IV. Norman, 6 b. Aug. 21, 1825, d. Nov. 13, 1834. 
V. Joseph Christmas, 6 b. May 10, 1827, m. Lavinia 

L. Morgan; lived in New- York, Aug., 1867. 
Their children were, 

1. Charles Sumner, 7 b. Nov. 3, 1857, d. Oct. 
15, 1858, at Plymouth, Ind. 

2. Nellie Eliza, 7 b. March 29, 1858. 

3. Francis Horatio, 7 b. Nov. 6, 1860. 

4. Lillian, 7 b. Nov. 6, 1862, d. at Plymouth, 
Ind., May 17,1863. 

YI. Susan Eliza, 6 b. April 21, 1829. 
VII. Henry, 6 b. Oct. 16, 1830, d. Aug., 1831. 
VIII. Sally Maria, 6 b. Feb. 5, 1832, d. March 5,1832. 
Married, second, Nancy Fitch, widow of 
Warren Loomis, and niece of President Fitch, 
of AVilliams College. 

Francis and family resided August, 1867, 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 




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